40 in 40 – After Week 1

Ok, it’s the end of week 1! And before I post my stats, I want to post a couple of quick notes:

First, the first week or two of any lifestyle change tend to have the most significant results. I do NOT expect these results to continue on every week. In fact, I’m 100% certain, based on past experience, that I will run into a massive plateau around week 3 or so. More on that when it comes. The point here is that my stats this week are not typical, and are caused mostly by water loss – when you start actually drinking enough water, your body doesn’t hang onto it so desperately.

Second, I’m taking a two-pronged approach here: I’m both eating a very structured meal plan, and working out at every possible opportunity. I’m doing yoga every evening, strength training 5 mornings in 7, and hopping onto my elliptical every time I can cobble together 20 or more minutes. And when I say structured meal plan, I mean – 1950 cals/day of lean protein and vegetables. By no means am I starving myself!

Now then, for the big reveal:

Starting weight: 221.6
Current weight: 215.0

Weight loss this week: 6.6 lbs
Weight loss total to date: 6.6 lbs

Check back next Sunday for another week of stats!


About alannahmeghan

I am getting married in December, and have started this blog to help me get in shape and lose weight!

2 responses to “40 in 40 – After Week 1”

  1. Erica says :

    What a great start. And sounds like you are inspiring others too. Way to go, I am rooting for you!

  2. Liette says :

    Way to go babe! Keep plugging away! I know you can do this! 😀

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