40 in 40 – After Week 2

So, just like last week, a few thoughts before I get to my stats. I’ve already posted a little about plateaus earlier this week, so we’ll leave that alone for now. Today I wanted to talk about some pros and cons of different ways of measuring progress.

1) Checking measurements/weight every day

Now, I actually don’t check my measurements. There is no reason for this other than that I do not find it helpful; I know that for many people, knowing how many inches they’ve lost (or gained, if they’re trying to build muscle) is a far better motivator than measuring weight loss. Personally, that’s not the case for me right now – maybe in 20 lbs or so, when the losses are coming in at consistently less than a pound a week (because it’s going to happen), but not right now. So we’ll leave the measurement question alone, just because I don’t have any experience with it.

But I do check my weight every day, and there are pros and cons to doing so. The pros are mostly about keeping accountable and understanding correlations; not drinking enough water, for example, can actually cause you to retain the little you DID drink (especially if you ate something salty that day), which can reflect pretty quickly on the scale. The con here is that day-to-day losses are usually tiny if they’re even there at all, so if that’s the kind of thing that gets you down (and I admit it does me sometimes), then daily measurements might not be the way to go.

2) REALLY committing to healthy eating

You’d think this one would be all pros, but not quite. Don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT of pros – meal planning saves huge amounts of money, for one. Your body will take very little time to respond to eating well – and well doesn’t just mean substituting low-fat or sugar-free products wherever you can. My version of healthy eating is eating REAL food, with as little processing as possible. Breakfast every day is 8 egg whites, either mixed with 2/3 c. oatmeal and some cinnamon and cooked like a pancake, or mixed with a cup or so of chopped veggies and cooked like a no-cheese omelette. Lunch is steamed veggies and protein, usually chicken breast (we cook Costco packs of chicken and then freeze it for easy lunches). Dinner is where I can get a little more creative – lean ground turkey cooked with taco seasoning, mixed into a salad; poached cod with fresh dill served on 1/4 c. rice with a side of steamed veggies… you get the idea. We go through a LOT of veggies in this house because of this, but since when is that a bad thing?

The part where it gets challenging is going out. I went out to a friend’s for lunch, and had to bring my own food to make sure it wasn’t cooked in butter or fat or served on pasta or covered in cheese or something. Going to a restaurant has to be a rarity for the same reason. It can also be challenging to come up with creative ways to serve food when pasta is out of the equation, and rice is only a once-in-a-while treat. But facing up to that challenge is such an important part of changing how we perceive food.

3) Doing it all publicly

This is something I’ve chosen to do this time for a lot of reasons. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably one of them. When I very first starting trying to get my health issues under control (weight is only part of the equation – there was also blood pressure, insomnia, nerve problems that caused debilitating back pain, skin problems, etc. etc. etc.), I had a person who I looked up to and admired very much because she had done EXACTLY what I’m trying to do. Her starting point was almost identical to mine. She’s taken it much further than I ever will – she’s now a competitive body builder – but the fact remains that when she started, she was in almost my exact same situation, right down to her stats. So the pros here are that it keeps me accountable and I (hopefully) will inspire someone else – but the con is, it keeps me accountable – so if I mess up I’m also letting down whoever may be following behind.

Ok. Now for the stats:

Starting weight: 215.0 lbs
Current weight: 212.2 lbs

Weight loss this week: 2.8 lbs
Weight loss total: 9.4 lbs

Thanks for reading, see you next week!


About alannahmeghan

I am getting married in December, and have started this blog to help me get in shape and lose weight!

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