40 in 40 – After Week 4

Yeah, I know, posting 2 days late…. let’s just pretend that it’s Sunday. (In all fairness, I DID go to the gym, clean my house, and do eleventy six loads of laundry on Sunday, so it was a little busy.) I hope to be back on a regular posting schedule this week, so look for another update Tuesday!

So I mentioned a little while back that I needed to come up with some new goals, because “just” the weightloss goal is going to start to wear thin pretty soon. There’s a few reasons for that, and the imminent plateau is a big one; if you have a goal and you don’t feel like you’re ever going to reach it, it’s hard to stay motivated. Another reason is that it gets pretty easy to backslide if you get overconfident, and it’s easy to get overconfident if you’ve, say, met 33% of your goal in only 10% of the allotted time, resulting in going crazy and eating 4 pieces of delicious homemade pizza. Just as a completely random, in-no-way-based-in-real-life example.


As such, I have decided that I have the following, additional, non-weight-loss-related goals:


By July 31, 2014, I want to be able to go 60 minutes on my elliptical

Upper Body (Free weight goals):

By July 31, 2014 – 20 lb bicep curl, 17.5 lb tricep kickback, 12.5 lb dumbbell front raise, 12.5 lb dumbbell lateral raise

Lower Body (Free weight and machine):

By July 31, 2014 – 150 lb squat, 200 lb leg press machine, 200 lb machine calf raises, 80 lb lying leg curl machine.

I’ll add to this list as time goes on.

Now for the stats! (weight stats are from Sunday)

Starting weight: 210.6 lbs

Current weight: 207.4 lbs


Weight loss this week: 3.2 lbs

Weight loss total: 14.2 lbs


About alannahmeghan

I am getting married in December, and have started this blog to help me get in shape and lose weight!

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