Mid-Week Update – Sometimes This Sucks

It’s been a crummy week.

The scale hasn’t budged all week, and I know why – I’ve made unwise eating decisions a couple of times (and every time, I regret it a couple of hours later, I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself when it upsets my stomach so badly…), and I’ve REALLY lost momentum with my workouts. I could make excuses, because I’m good at that – but I’m not going to. The only thing holding me back is me.

Having said that, sometimes taking a break is a good idea. (This is not one of those times, by the way, but it’s still a valid point.) Taking breaks means you can come back refreshed, with a new perspective. The tough thing about taking a break in this case is, how do you take a break from good health? What I need to find again is my determination and drive. That’s why it’s so important for me to make this about more than just my wedding (not that my wedding is JUST anything, but it’s still a finite event). In order to be able to take a break while still staying on track, I need to get – and stay! – in the mindset that what I’m doing will have implications for the rest of my life, in all aspects of my life: as a partner, a parent, an employee, a friend, a colleague, and so on and so on. A healthy break from the admittedly hardcore pace I’ve been setting should still mean keeping at least 80% of my daily caloric intake coming from healthy, whole-food sources, and engaging in daily fitness activities, like walking or strength training. So I guess that’s part of my goals too (remember a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned wanting to add goals) – find the balance so that when I DO need a break, I can have one without backsliding into bad habits.

As always, thanks for reading, and see you on Sunday for new stats!



About alannahmeghan

I am getting married in December, and have started this blog to help me get in shape and lose weight!

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