40 in 40 – After Week 7 (And a Half)

Ok, I know I missed my Sunday update this week. I had a lot going on – kiddo had a cold, fiancée had been working out of town and was back home for only 6 days, other messy/stressful personal stuff, plus my back was still a bit sore.

Full disclosure: The stress of that other messy/personal stuff has led me astray a bit with my eating. Nothing completely crazy; no binges involving me + a pint of ice cream + an entire pie; but I have been indulging a little in things like cheese and cupcakes. As a result, still no loss this week – but no major gains either (at one point on the back pain medication I got up to 208 lbs last week), so I’m calling this one a win!

Big shout out to all of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Your support and kind words are a BIG part of why, despite slipping a little the past couple of weeks, I haven’t thrown this whole idea out the window.



Starting weight: 204.0

Current weight: 204.8

No comment on weight loss this week. Still down over 16 lbs in total though!


About alannahmeghan

I am getting married in December, and have started this blog to help me get in shape and lose weight!

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